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[19/09/2017]Ohhhh..... No You Epicwar - Version 0.07a here and 0.07b next.

on Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:36 pm
Warning: Epicwar is not shut down. It's just the host bugged.

Anyway, 0.07a have been release last Sunday. Because right now Epicwar is down so i will going to post it here:
Just copied it or click it (this how i prevent

Since i need actual help and somebody register my forum Sad , i know that i just crazy asshole something do alone man. But i just want motivation, I don't force you guy help. But I just need somebody love it.

Anyway, I have like next version will have some bad news.
I will try to reduce appearance of Atimick, because he got pornographic issue in the Earth War clan. Nope, i am not saying that Ati is bad leader

He is a good guy, he just have bad past like me so i am understand, plus i have like Bipolar Disorder but i will be fine. Don't worry.
I do story base real time so any werid behavior of any member in Earth War clan will change the role of the story WFOE
Since then, I decide... i will pick one member get it's cameo, i have Tobe and Blood, two creator of The Gioi Moi. ( maybe one if Tobe have not decide continue helping him )
Nah.. I just like Tobe than Blood.
I also going continue update creep, i was having a lot of issue so i will try to complete main system.

I don't know if Blood will have a chance to colab with me, condition is, He will not allow to use the map have invole real money to ingame item.

That what i need. Any one who friend with him please try make him DM me.

Anyway, have a good time enjoy my map.

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