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Is it bad :(

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:18 pm
I have post it in Epicwar, i got like a mild speed downloading so i want like thank you guys have a time to play my map. I am very appreciate of you guys.

But I also got tons of negative while my friend share my map want to have a little try and they was thinking like:

"Your map is Sh*t. I do better then your. You can't be better than Blood."

If you don't know, Blood is vietnamese guy who also make an RPG map, he make very decent but considering a bit blood draining like his name.

Listen, i do for fun, i don't like be the greatest one:
- A Good Creator love his invention. Despite it that thing worst or not, they still love it and motivate you.

I don't care if you hate it or not, i still love it, it was my best map ever. So even you play some map that small but want it propose of the map, you shouldn't said it terrible. Is not a full version of it, so don't blame it.

Any error i will try to fix

If you wanna test to:
Go to Epicwar download my map
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