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Platinum, The One who start the War of MakeMake (18xx - 19xx)

on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:18 pm
" He kill my father, i want my revenge back " - Magukah, Commander of Nerubians -
" He created riot and destruction to our place Shido. " - Majesta, Queen of Nagas -
" No matter what, even Void won't stop him " - Ankn, King of Spirits -
" I'm surprise that Sina has sealed him forever, but does it kept it long " - Shido, Legendary Moon Master -




Platinum is main antagonist of WFOE series, he is right now don't appeal in map. He will appear in 0.1 version since is the True Leader of Shadows Force.

When was very long times, Platinum was appear even sooner at 15xx years. He was born with parent died by a weird curse that make him so powerful that void cannot control it. He is basicly normal mage enable pyrokinesis and cyrokinesis just like his grandson (Shido and Beo). Platinum also caught a power known as Void Dragon power.
Void Dragon, SPOILER:
"If you don't know what is Void Dragon, Is it a higher elemental Dragon of Dark Dragon (which is not release yet)."
Unlike all dragon, Void Dragon power are no energy require or good health body. But there a drawback, once is in user body. It's make them want destruction. So Platinum was a good guy, the power only effect until he release his first time.
Quick question from a guy named Apple (nickname): What race is he ?
He is half human also half demon and half dragon.
Q: How old is he ?
A: He is 600 years old, he is fourth oldest person alive. ( Before him is Ankn, Sina and finally Void )
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